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Board and Committees

Strategic Plan – April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2028

Respect in Sport Policy

Safe Sport Policy Manual

The manual contains numerous policies:

– Athlete Protection Policy
– Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy
– Discipline and Complaints Policy Flowchart
– Discipline and Complaints Policy
– Investigations Policy – Discrimination, Harassment, Maltreatment and Prohibited Behaviour
– Alternate Dispute Resolution Policy
– Appeal Policy Flowchart
– Appeal Policy
– Social Media Policy
– Screening Policy & Forms A thru E – will be implemented in April 2025
– Conflict of Interest Policy & Form

To Report a Complaint:


Membership Policy
Sanctioning Policy
Sanction Request Form




Finance Policies
MAP Grant Policy
MAP Grant Spending Plan Form
MAP Grant Follow-up Form
Expense Claim Form 2023
Mileage Chart
Club Coaching Hours Grant
Club Coaching Hours Summary Form
Club Coaching Sessions and Hours Details Form

Sask First

Sask First Policies & Procedures
Schedule A – Sask First Athlete-Manager-Coach Agreement
Schedule B – Sask First Athlete Program Application
Schedule C – Sask First Athlete Tournament Record Card
Schedule D – Sask First Athlete Unused Funds Form
Schedule E – Sask First Sanctioned Tournaments
Schedule F – Sanctioned Tournament Request Form
Future Best Policy

Sport For All

BCB Conditions of Play & Domestic Regulations
Sport For All Policies & Procedures
Sport For All and U25 Program Application
Competition Waiver Form
U18 Youth Release Form

Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition information
Award of Merit Nomination