BOWLS is one of the easiest sports to become involved in due to the fact that:

  • clubs are conveniently located throughout the city and province
  • most clubs will welcome newcomers to have a FREE TRIAL, either during scheduled OPEN HOUSE events, or during regular club bowling times
  • no special clothing or equipment (other than flat-soled shoes) is required

BOWLS is one of the least expensive forms of leisure activity:

  • club membership fees of $125 or less for an entire summertime of bowling (up to 7 or more times per week)
  • a special introductory price for NEW MEMBERS at most clubs
  • a VERY LOW price for JUNIORS at ALL clubs
  • loaner or rental bowls are available at most clubs until you choose to buy your own

BOWLS is one of the friendliest sports, with plenty of help and instruction for newcomers, and lots of opportunities to make friends, meet new people and socialize.

BOWLS is perhaps the best opportunity for families and friends to enjoy an affordable sporting activity together, with grandparents, spouses, children, grandchildren and friends able to spend quality time in a relaxed, wholesome, natural environment.

BOWLS is one of the least physically demanding athletic activities available (at the club or social level), requiring only the ability to lift and roll a bowl weighing 4 lbs or less for a distance of 70-100 feet on a smooth grass surface, with minimal walking and ample rest breaks,

Competitive bowlers, on the other hand, might deliver as many as 5-600 bowls and walk over 3 miles in a weekend tournament!!!

BOWLS is one of the most flexible team sports, as most clubs draw up teams from members who are available on a given afternoon or evening, so you’re not letting anyone down if you can’t be there every time.

BOWLS is less time-consuming than activities like golf, fishing, tennis, slowpitch or other summer sports, requiring less than 2 hours per game on average. (a typical club game might start at 7:00 pm on a weekday evening and end before 9:00 pm)

NOT AT ALL! BOWLS SASKATCHEWAN’s philosophy is leaving those decisions up to you. BOWLS is one of the easiest sports to learn to play well enough to enjoy yourself, but demanding enough to offer a continuing challenge to learn and improve.

BOWLS is one of the few sports where you can choose your level of competition, from purely social and recreational play to championship playoffs at the:

  • club
  • interclub
  • association
  • open provincial
  • national levels
  • international levels

BOWLS is suitable for participants of ALL AGES!
(It is popularly believed to be suitable only for senior citizens, primarily because it can be played long after age and health may restrict other sporting activities.)


  • You can bowl when you get older, but you don’t have to be older to enjoy it!
  • You can start when you’re 12 years old . . . and bowl ’til you’re 112!
  • You can likely add other reasons why . . .
  • Health and Accident and Liability Insurance plan for members while participating at club events.
  • An umbrella organization that is recognized by SaskSport and Bowls Canada.
  • Access to NCCP Coaching Clinics and financial assistance for coaches to further their coaching skills.
  • Access to Umpire Clinics,d financial assistance for umpires to further their skills and Umpire Shirts.
  • Annual Award of Merit that recognizes volunteers.
  • Access to Athlete Assistance grants through Sask First and Sport for All Funding.
  • Member travel assistance in the form of paying for and organizing travel, accommodations, food allowance and registration, if representing Bowl Sask at various Canadian Championships.
  • An Annual General Meetings at which time members may voice their opinions and help set the direction of Bowls in Saskatchewan.
  • A central office to assist in the administration of provincial programs
  • Assembles the provincial calendar of events.
  • For provincial playdowns, provides the draw and appoints the umpire.
  • Pays the honorarium for the umpire at provincial playdowns, Grassroots Tournament, and the Bowls Sask Tournament.
  • Provides travel assistance directly to members who attend, junior playdowns, Junior Fun Day, the Grassroots Tournament and the Bowls Sask Fall Tournament.
  • Organizes and provides individuals to conduct the Bowls Sask Development Clinic as well as paying facility rental to the clubs for this event.
  • Provides the resources to develop and produce policies and programs.
  • Grants provided directly to the Clubs:
    • Membership Assistance Program (MAP).
    • Payment for coaching hours spent in Learn to Bowl Lessons, juniors, school groups, and other social groups.
    • Payment for facility rental, drawmaster and greenskeeper for provincial playdowns, Bowls Sask Fall Tournament and the Grassroots Tournament.
    • Assistance for payment for Clubs advertising expenses

Short Mat bowls is an indoor version of lawn bowling, with slightly different rules, played on a 45 foot long x 6 foot wide mat with regular lawn bowls, and a heavier jack. It is ideally suited in Canada because it is not affected by heat, sun, wind, rain, or snow! Short mat clubs in Saskatchewan generally operate October through April.

For short mat club locations near you click here.