Mayfair Lawn Bowling Club - July 21 - 23, 2023

Owen Wright & Lori Young   GOLD

Gary Laurence & Laurie DeBrowney  SILVER

Daniel Moring & Hilda Voth  BRONZE

Gold Medalists – Owen Wright & Lorie Young


Silver Medalist – Gary Laurence & Laurie DeBrowney


Bronze Medalists – Daniel Morin & Hilda Voth

Nutana Lawn Bowling Club - July 15-16, 2023

The results from the Youth Women’s U18 is as follows:

Gold:        Julea Wong, Nutana LBC

Silver:      Madeline Mohr, Regina LBC

Bronze:   Isabelle McNish, Regina LBC

There were no playdowns for the U18 men’s or U25 Men’s or U25 Women’s as we had only one entry in each. So all were declared the ‘gold medalist by default’. They are as follows;

U18 Men’s – Lorrand Wong, Nutana LBC

U25 Men’s – Carter Watson, Regina LBC

U25 Women’s – Jordan Kos, Regina LBC



Julea Wong (gold)


Madeleine Mohr (silver)


Isabelle McNish (bronze)


Lorrand Wong


Carter Watson


Jordan Kos

Regina Lawn Bowling Club - July 8-9, 2023

Women’s Indoor Singles

Jordan Kos  GOLD

Heather Hanoski  SILVER

Lois Kos  BRONZE

Men’s Outdoor Singles

Darrell Hanoski   GOLD

Malcolm Taylor  SILVER

Jordan Gailey  BRONZE

Jordan Kos – Women’s Gold


Heather Hanoski – Women’s Silver


Lois Kos – Women’s Bronze


Darrell Hanoski – Men’s Gold


Malcolm Taylor – Men’s Silver


Jordan Gailey – Men’s Bronze

Nutana Lawn Bowling Club - June 23 - 25, 2023

Women’s Outdoor Singles

Heather Hanoski  GOLD

Jean Roney SILVER

Isobel Parkin  BRONZE

Men’s Outdoor Singles

Cam McLelland   GOLD

Keith Roney  SILVER

Carter Watson  BRONZE


2023 Prov Singles Champ – Heather Haneski


2023 Prov Singles Silver – Jean Roney


2023 Prov Singles Bronze – Isobel Parkin


2023 Prov Singles Champ – Cam McLelland


2023 Prov Singles Silver – Keith Roney


2023 Prov Singles Bronze – Carter Watson

Regina Lawn Bowling Club - June 16 - 18, 2023

Women’s Fours:

Harriette Pituley (skip), Rachel Larson (vice), Heather Howard (second) & Eileen McLelland (lead) GOLD

Heather Hanoski (skip), Anita Nivala (vice), Liz Jones (second) & Janet Watson (lead) SILVER

Vi McPherson (skip, Jo Urquhart (vice), Janice Robson (second) & Tracey McPherson (lead) BRONZE

Men’s Fours:

Jonathan Pituley (skip), Carter Watson, Murray Pituley & Brandon Watson GOLD

Daniel Morin (skip), Cam McLelland, Brian Kitts and Paul Brennan SILVER

Darrell Hanoski (skip), Keith Roney (vice), David Calam (second) and Doug Normand (lead) BRONZE


GOLD Harriette Pituley (skip), Rachel Larson, Heather Howard & Eileen McLelland


SILVER Heather Hanoski (skip), Anita Nivala, Liz Jones & Janet Watson

BRONZE: ‘no photo available’


GOLD Jonathan Pituley (skip), Carter Watson, Murray Pituley & Brandon Watson


SILVER Daniel Morin (skip), Cam McLelland, Brian Kitts and Paul Brennan

BRONZE: ‘no photo available’

Mayfair LBC, Saskatoon - June 9-11, 2023

Women’s Pairs

Jean Roney (skip) & Karen Schlotter (lead)  GOLD

Kitty Cooper (skip) & Laurie Debrowney (lead)  SILVER

Erin Higgins (skip) & Isobel Parkin (lead)  BRONZE

Men’s Pairs

Jordan Gailey (skip) & Mason Boyd (lead)  GOLD

Alex Scott (skip) & Lorrand Wong (lead)  SILVER

Ron Kaye (skip) & Bruce McDonald (lead)  BRONZE

Jean Roney (skip) & Karen Schlotter (lead) GOLD


Women Pairs SILVER Kitty Cooper (skip on left) & Laurie DeBrowney (lead on right)


Women Pairs BRONZE Erin Higgins (skip on left) & Isobel Parkin (lead on right)


Men’s Pairs GOLD Jordan Gailey (skip on left) & Mason Boyd (lead on right)


Men’s Pairs SILVER Alex Scott (skip on left) & Lorrand Wong (lead on right)


Men’s Pairs BRONZE Bruce McDonald (lead on left) & Ron Kaye (skip on right)