Bowls Saskatchewan Inc. is extremely proud to announce and CONGRATULATE Jordan Kos (Regina Lawn Bowling Club), Brandon Watson (Regina Lawn Bowling Club) and Lorrand Wong (Saskatoon Nutana Lawn Bowling Club) who were all named to Bowls Canada Boulingrin National Teams.

Jordan Kos is a returning veteran to the Women’s Senior National Team and was also the 2022 Canadian Women’s Singles Gold Medalist as well as a member of the 2022 Canadian Commonwealth Games Team. Jordan lives in Regina, Saskatchewan and trains as a member of the Regina Lawn Bowling Club.

Brandon Watson moved up from the National Development Team as one of the three newest members of the Men’s Senior National Team. Brandon was also a member of the 2022 Canadian Men’s Fours Bronze Medal Team. Brandon lives in Regina and trains as a member of the Regina Lawn Bowling Club.

Lorrand Wong secured his position on the Men’s National Youth Team based on his Second Place finish at the 2022 Youth U18 Men’s Canadian Championships. Lo also receive the Spirit Award at that same national championship. Lo lives in Saskatoon and trains as a member of the Nutana Lawn Bowling Club.

The 2022-23 Senior Squads were selected based on set criteria which considered skills, tactics, experience and performance and then balanced with positional fit.  The selection process was open to all and those who applied were invited to attend one of three evaluation opportunities.  Additionally, national selectors were present at events such as the Commonwealth Games, Canadian Lawn Bowls Championships (Pairs, Fours and Singles) and Canadian Youth Championships.

The 2022-23 National Youth Squad is made up of the top four finishers in the U18 and U25 categories who are not already members of another National Squad. The National Youth Squad is an important part of long-term athlete development pathways.  Most Provincial Sport Associations are positively impacted when they are able to place athletes on a national youth squad through their provincial government funding formulas.  This makes this Squad an important link between provincial and national development.

We are tremendously pleased for these three athletes who worked very hard for this success with their unwavering focus and dedication to their training and development. Bowls Saskatchewan on behalf of all our members wish Jordan, Brandon and Lorrand continued future success in their journey with the Canadian National Team.

About Bowls Saskatchewan Inc:

Bowls Sask is the provincial sport governing body for lawn bowling in Saskatchewan. Our purpose is to represent our members administratively and competitively, provincially and nationally in the sport of lawn bowling. We strive to protect, grow and develop the sport throughout Saskatchewan.

Jordan Kos (Gold Medalist 2022 Canadian Women's Outdoor Singles)

Jordan Kos (Gold Medalist 2022 Canadian Women’s Outdoor Singles)


Brandon Watson (with Bronze medal Men's Fours Canadian Championship)

Brandon Watson (with Bronze medal Men’s Fours Canadian Championship)


Lo Wong with Silver Medal

Lo Wong with Silver Medal