SASKATCHEWAN ATHLETES secure TWO GOLD, ONE SILVER, the LADY ALEXANDER AWARD and SPIRIT AWARD at Women’s & Men’s Fours & Pairs Lawn Bowling Canadian Championship

Bowls Saskatchewan Inc. is VERY pleased to announce and CONGRATULATE ……

Team Pituley (Jonathan Pituley, Carter Watson, Brandon Watson and Murray Pituley), from the Regina Lawn Bowling Club, who secured the GOLD medal at the Men’s Fours Lawn Bowling Canadian Championship in Victoria, BC,

Team Pituley (Harriette Pituley, Rachel Larson, Heather Howard and Eileen McLelland), from both the Regina and Saskatoon Nutana Lawn Bowling Clubs, who secured the GOLD medal at the Women’s Fours Lawn Bowling Canadian Championship in Victoria, BC,

Team Roney (Jean Roney and Karen Schlotter), from the Regina Lawn Bowling Club, who secured the SILVER medal at the Women’s Pairs Lawn Bowling Canadian Championship in Victoria, BC,

Plus the Lady Alexander Trophy claimed by Saskatchewan’s Women’s Fours and Pairs medalists,

And the Spirit Award presented to Anita Nivala of the Regina Lawn Bowling Club.


Men’s Fours Team Pituley adapted and persevered through tough field conditions to finish the round robin tied for second place. They met Alberta in the gold final game. The match couldn’t have been any closer, tied at 13-13 heading into the final end. Getting two cracks at it, Alberta missed on their final bowl resulting in a GOLD victory for our Saskatchewan team.

Women’s Fours Team Pituley finished the round robin also tied for second place. After going 6-3 in the round robin and narrowly getting into the gold medal game against Manitoba who had a record of 7-2, our Saskatchewan women came out of the gate on fire and did let up until they secured the well earned GOLD medal.


Team Roney had two fantastic no loss days out of three to secure themselves nicely into second place. They met Ontario in the final however lost with a score of 19-13 and a spectacular finish to bring home the SILVER medal.

The additional icing on the cake was for our Saskatchewan Women’s Fours and Pairs teams to claim the Lady Alexander Trophy. Saskatchewan last won this award in 2009. This trophy is awarded to the provincial teams who have the best cumulative results across pairs and fours at the conclusion of the round robin. These six ladies finished 2nd in both pairs and fours, which gave them 18 points and enough for the coveted women’s team trophy.

Plus, our very own Anita Nivala who was a member of the Women’s Fours B Team, from the Regina Lawn Bowling Club, was presented with the Spirit Award. This award was created by a group of athletes and continues today by the athletes themselves. It is presented to an athlete who has ‘Exemplified the true sprit of sportsmanship and ideals in the sport of Lawn Bowling’.

Bowls Sask’s other representatives at these championships were;

  • Men’s Pairs A Team Jordan Gailey and Mason Boyd from the Moose Jaw Lawn Bowling Club.
  • Women’s Fours B Team Heather Hanoski, Anita Nivala, Liz Jones and Janet Watson from the Regina Lawn Bowling Club
  • Women’s Pairs B Team – Erin Higgins and Isobel Parkin from the Saskatoon Nutana Lawn Bowling Club

A Special Thanks to David Calam, the Bowls Sask Coach who accompanied the athletes to these championships. Your support, knowledge and guidance was instrumental to the success of all our Saskatchewan athletes.

We are extremely proud of all our athletes and thank each of you for your contribution to Bowls Sask, our province and this great sport. Congratulations to those bringing home the well deserved hardware and trophy.

The 2023 Canadian Women’s and Men’s Fours and Pairs Championships took place at the Juan De Fuca Lawn Bowling Club from August 22-26, 2023, in Victoria, BC. This week included both the Women’s and Men’s Fours as well as the Women’s and Men’s Pairs. Bowls Saskatchewan had two teams in the Women’s Pairs and Fours and one team in each the Men’s Fours and Pairs.

About Bowls Saskatchewan Inc:

Bowls Sask is the provincial sport governing body for lawn bowling in Saskatchewan. Our purpose is to represent our members administratively and competitively, provincially and nationally in the sport of lawn bowling. We strive to protect, grow and develop the sport throughout Saskatchewan.

Women’s Pituley Fours Team – with Gold Medal in Victoria, BC


Men’s Pituley Fours Team – with Gold Medal in Victoria, BC


Women’s Roney Pairs Team – with Silver Medal in Victoria, BC


Lady Alexander Trophy presented to Sask Women’s Fours & Pairs