Award of Merit Recipients for 2014

Erin Higgins – nominated by the Nutana Lawn Bowling Club
Bill Temple – nominated by the Regina Lawn Bowling Club
Mel Walker nominated by the North Battleford Lawn Bowling Club

Erin Higgins

Erin has been a member of our club for six years and is a very valuable and dependable volunteer. She has taken on many responsibilities including Treasurer, applying for Community Grants, purchasing club supplies (rakes, Bowls etc.) and even puts the rakes together once they arrive! In spite of working full time and working towards a PHD, Erin still finds time to volunteer in many ways. She has done inside and outside painting, looks after our liquor license and special occasion permits, liquor purchases and returns, and runs the bar. She is always there to help with Club events and often takes charge of the BBQ. She is very involved with one of our fundraisers – the purchase and sale of Co-op gift cards.

Erin and some others were key in starting the Wednesday Recreation league that brings an extra 65 plus enthusiastic bowlers to our club during the months of June and July – an important source of income and future regular memberships. You will see her out there every Wednesday setting up the rinks, often all by herself. She is usually there when Nutana hosts a Provincial Playdown and takes registration, helps in the kitchen, runs the bar, serves as a marker in Singles events and often is a competitor as well.

Erin also serves Bowls Sask. on the Sport for All Committee and has been a delegate at the Bowls Sask. AGM.

Bill Temple

Bill has been an integral part of the success of our Friday night Jitneys for the last 13 years by setting the greens and assisting Jean with various other tasks. He has assisted the blind bowlers who have participated in the Jitney nights over the years by accommodating them on this team and providing direction to them during the play and also during and after the lunch ensuring that they enjoy the night of lawn bowling.

Bill has volunteered to be one of the city’s grass cutters for a number of years. Our yard is a big one so this is a big job.

Bill is routinely there on work days to lend a hand to help clean up the grounds. He enthusiastically volunteers his time doing various tasks to help maintain the appearance of the grounds.

Bill has been an active volunteer assisting with our school groups and adult community groups for a number of eras. He has often come on short notice to help assist with these groups. This is the clubs main revenue source and Bill’s dedication to helping with this is very much appreciated.

Bill joined the RLBS board in 2014 as the Director of Equipment. He ensured that there was sufficient gas on hand to use the equipment. He tidied up the equipment shed when needed. He also repaired and maintained out rakes.

Bill also volunteers to da any number of tasks around the club that needs to be done. This includes taking out the garbage, greens setup, setting up and taking down tables and chairs for various club events, helping with the club BBQs, working the bar, etc. Bill is a member we can count on to volunteer his time for the club in a number of ways.

Mel Walker

Our club wishes to nominate Mel Walker for an Award of Merit. Mel has been our sole greens keeper for many years. He arrives an hour early to set up the necessary greens, is in contact with our city’s maintenance foreman regarding mowing, rolling and fertilizing the greens. When we have a tournament or host a fun day for a visiting club, Mel will arrive nearly two hours ahead of time every day to roll and swab the grass in preparation for the event. Recently he has found that he cannot do it all and still have energy to play the games so he plans alternate methods of getting the job done by someone other than club members. This is because none of our members are young enough to handle the job.

Mel took the coaches training several years ago and is our unofficial trainer for new members who need to be taught the game. He and another member who assists him host clients from Mental Health on Tuesday evenings helping them to play the game and fun while doing so.

We bowl three evenings a week. Mel has consistent attendance and never misses a game unless family duties interfere. This rarely happens. He is our “go to” guy when questions arise. He knows the rules of the game and is knowledgeable about the role of Bowl Sask.

Mel keeps and inventory of what we have and where it is kept and when we need to replace items. When equipment is needed, Mel orders it and puts it in place.

Mel has held the position of Vice-President for our club for many years. During his terms he has often taken on more than his role. When President, Vern Iverson was pre-occupied with his wife’s terminal illness, Mel filled in for him and was the executive per se since Judy Iverson was our Secretary-Treasurer at this time and could not fulfill her role either.

Bowls Sask would like to thank David Calam of SK for taking on the role of president of BCB for the last two years. It is so good to be in a province where everyone cares so much about this sport! All the best in your new ventures David!

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