REVISED – start time

REVISED – start time is now 10:30 am; 2nd game is estimated to start at 2:30 pm, dependant on the weather.  Playdown for Women’s Fours in a pdf file and Men’s Fours in a pdf file: , July 5-6, Nutana LBC, Saskatoon. additionally there is a food option from Freda:

Provincial Men`s and Women`s Fours, July 4 – 6 2014, Nutana LBC Saskatoon

Since the entry deadline has been extended for the men`s and women`s fours it would help greatly for food preparations if you could register as soon as possible (preferably by Thursday @ 6pm) for our delicious and convenient lunches at the clubhouse on the Saturday and/or Sunday.

The cost is $6.00 per lunch.

Also I have tentatively made a reservation at Spicy Bite, an Indian restaurant which we go to quite often (see for more information) on Saturday evening at 7 p.m. for those who would like to get together for dinner. They have a buffet for $19.99 or you can order off the menu. This includes a soft drink or Chai tea. They have a limited license. Beer and house white or red wine!

To ensure that you are included get your booking in to me quickly.

Please contact me by e-mail at [email protected] or phone 306-374-6114

Thank you and look forward to seeing you.

Freda Toffolo