North Vancouver, British Columbia - August 6 - 8

Men (5 participants)
Silver: Brandon Watson
Bronze: Grant Wilkie
4th: Michael Pituley

Women (3 participants)
Silver: Sydney Boyd

These athletes earned a spot on the 2016-2017 Youth Development Squad for a one-year term. The Youth Development Squad was initiated in 2015 by Bowls Canada to help young athletes build their skills and develop for future international competition.

Jr. Boys

Jr. Girls

North Vancouver, British Columbia - August 1-4

Women (8 participants)
Silver: Jordan Kos
Attended: Sydney Boyd

Men (18 participants)
4th: Carter Watson
Attended: Mason Boyd

Edmonton, Alberta - August 14th – 20th, 2016

Gold: Men’s Pairs
Silver: Women’s Fours
Bronze: Men’s Fours B

Gold – Pairs, Jon and Michael Pituley

Silver: Anita Nivala, Fran Scott, Jean Roney, Jordan Kos.

Bronze: Mark Sutyla, Ernie Meid, Murray Pituley, Doug Propp



Fours Jean Roney, Frances Scott, Anita Nivala, Jordan Kos
Triples Harriette Pituley, Rachel Larson, Eileen McLelland
Pairs Janice Robson, Lorraine Schneider


Fours Keith Roney, Carter Watson, Bo Kos, Brandon Watson
Triples Duncan Holness, Jordan Gailey, Mason Boyd
Pairs Michael Pituley, Jonathan Pituley
2nd Fours Doug Propp, Mark Sutyla, Murray Pituley, Ernie Meid

Nova Scotia - August 25th – 31st, 2016

Jean Roney, Carolyn Jones, Eileen McLelland – Result – 4th place
Robert Hackett, Barry Hodge, Jack Wigham

West Vancouver, British Columbia - September 5th to 10th, 2016


Silver: Jordan Kos

Jordan Kos
Lois Kos
Harriette Pituley
Jean Roney


Bo Kos
Ernie Meid
Keith Roney
Charlie Taylor

St. Catharine’s, Ontario - September 15th -20th, 2016

Harriette and Murray Pituley