Bowls Saskatchewan Tournament

Regina Lawn Bowling Club - August 6, 7, 2016

Mixed Triples

1st               Larry GrychowskiDarren Grychowski           Janice Robson
2nd              Gerald Bocking    Liz Jones                             Nick Jones
3rd              Ernie Meid           Ed Arndt                             Doreen Mohr


Jordan Gailey                          Wayne Short                         Andrew Malinowski
Jo Urquhart                            Michael Plante                      Dena Hudson
John Whiting                          Merv McElree                        Jean Flottorp
Doug McPherson                   Peter Koopman                     Byron McMillan
Vi McPherson                         Adelene Gotts                       Tracey McPherson
Duncan Holness                     Tom Archibald                       Ron Archibold
Garth Zummack                     Eieanor Malenowski             Arlene Zummack
David Calam                            Jean Temple                          Jim Hudson
Doug Nornamd                       Emma Topping                      Heather Blackwell

Women’s Pairs

1st               Vi McPherson         Tracey McPherson
2nd              Lorraine SchneiderGladys Boyd
3rd              Brenda Lohman     Liz Jones


Janice Robson                         Eylce Howard
Jo Urquhart                            Dena Hudson
Jean Roney                              Andrea Lachambre

Men’s Pairs

1st               Gerald Bocking  Nick Jones
2nd              Garth ZummackMerv McElree
3rd              Michael Plante  Doug Lamber


Jordan Gailey                          Wayne Short
Joel Hayes                               Ryan Whippler
Guy Lohman                           John Whiting
Larry Grychowski                   Darren Grychowski
Michael Plante                       Doug Lambert
Tom Archibald                        Ron Archibold
Doug McPherson                   Bryon McMillan
David Calam                            Peter Koopman
Doug Normand                       Walter Klamot

Today lets celebrate four of our Certified Competition Coaches who motivate our athletes in our sport:
David Calam
Cam McLeland
Jean Roney
Harriette Pituley
Take a minute to say #ThanksCoach to these wonderful coaches for #NationalCoachesWeek

Bowls Sask would like to thank David Calam of SK for taking on the role of president of BCB for the last two years. It is so good to be in a province where everyone cares so much about this sport! All the best in your new ventures David!

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