2015 Bowl Sask Fall Tournament

Mayfair Lawn Bowling Club - August 29-30, 2015

Ladies Pairs

Gold: Isobel Parkin, Erin Higgins
Silver: Lorraine Layton, Sydney Boyd
Bronze: Marg Isaak, Bev Coutts


Sydney Boyd Lorraine Layton
Joan Sande Lynn Gemmel
Hilda Voth Jocelyn D’Eon
Beverly Kenyon Arlene Chermishnok
Isobel Parkin Erin Higgins

Men’s Pairs

Gold: Charlie Taylor, Jordan Gailey
Silver: Herb Hunter, Bud Mowery, Albert Miller
Bronze: Ivan Layton, Mason Boyd


Mason Boyd Ivan Layton
Herb Hunter Bud Mowery Albert Miller
Charlie Taylor Jordan Gailey
Joe Chermishnok Marcel D’Eon

Mixed Triples

Gold: Charlie Taylor, Jordan Gailey, Arlene Chermishnok
Silver: Hilda Voth, Marcel D’Eon, Jocelyn D’Eon
Bronze: Jone Sande, Mason Boyd, Ivan Layton


Joan Sande Mason Boyd Ivan Layton
Bev Kenyon Sydney Boyd Lorraine Layton
Hilda Voth Marcel D’Eon Jocelyn D’Eon
Joe Chemishnok Bev Coutts Roy Hunt
Charlie Taylor Jordan Gailey Arlene Chermishnok


Today lets celebrate four of our Certified Competition Coaches who motivate our athletes in our sport:
David Calam
Cam McLeland
Jean Roney
Harriette Pituley
Take a minute to say #ThanksCoach to these wonderful coaches for #NationalCoachesWeek

Bowls Sask would like to thank David Calam of SK for taking on the role of president of BCB for the last two years. It is so good to be in a province where everyone cares so much about this sport! All the best in your new ventures David!

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