Award of Merit Recipients for 2016

1) Ivan Layton, Mayfair Lawn Bowling Club
2) Lorraine Schneider, Regina Lawn Bowling Club
3) Doug McPherson, Regina Lawn Bowling Club

Ivan Layton

Member of Mayfair Lawn Bowling Club for 12 years. It has been a pleasure to work and bowl with Ivan because he is friendly, cooperative, enthusiastic, a leader, diligent worker, organizer, keen bowler, team player, and a natural competitor.

Ivan is an asset to our club in numerous ways. He has taken his Respect in Sport course and his Coaching Level 1 course and spends many hours annually coaching High School students who participate in our Learn to Bowl program. He donates his time introducing new bowlers to the game whenever Mayfair has private rentals.

He has coordinated renovation projects such as repairing and painting benches, and making improvements to the club house. Ivan participates regularly in his club’s member bowling has initiated a unique system of tracking and crediting bowlers for attendance and performance. Ivan currently serves on the Mayfair Board of Directors and we can depend on Ivan to get the job done.

Ivan seeks to develop and improve interest in lawn bowling at the local level. He also supports bowling provincially by attending meetings and participating in bowling competitions In Saskatchewan and other provinces. Besides competing Ivan volunteers at Provincial tournaments whether it be as a marker or a person helping to set up and take down the greens.

Lorraine Schneider

She has served on the Board of the Regina Lawn Bowling Club as the chairperson for housekeeping for the last 3 years. Not only has she arranged to have members clean the clubhouse but has been seen at the club almost every day doing those little extra things that make our clubhouse look great.

Last year she completed the club coach course and has helped with the Learn to Bowl lessons.

Over the last few years she has been one of a few members who has contributed over 30 hours to coaching the school groups and social groups. She is always early and helps to set up the greens and is always willing to be there when extra helpers are needed. She not only helps with the groups but ensures that the board where the groups are listed is kept up-to-date. She also helps to find volunteers to assist with the groups if there are not enough members signed up.

She helps serve on the catering committee when the club has special events. She has been in charge of selling tickets as well as organizing and preparing food. She ensures the dishes are done and the clubhouse is cleaned up after these events.

She assists with spring clean-up at the club.

She helps to paint and clean the bowls which allows these bowls to be easily identified when the club coaches’ various groups.

Whatever needs to be done, she is always a willing volunteer.

Doug McPherson

He has volunteered to be one of our grass cutters for eight years. Our grass cutters work in teams of three cutting every three weeks which can take up to 2-3 hours. He has filled in for others and volunteered when additional cuts were required.

He is always one of the members who volunteers for the spring clean-up in early May. He can be counted on to do any number of tasks that are required to clean up our yard for the upcoming year.

He has volunteered for many years to do various maintenance tasks on our equipment. He was very helpful in 2016 when he filled in for the maintenance director during his absence for health reasons.

He has often set up the greens for club tournaments, provincial competitions and special events like the Canadian Singles and the Canadian Senior Triples events.

He has helped with additional tasks around the club such as plumbing, tree banding, replacing the edge boards around the greens, moving the garbage bags to the bin and preparing our grounds for the Canadian Senior Triples and the Canadian Singles when the RLBC was the host.

He has volunteered to do any number of other tasks around the club including moving furniture, benches, setting up things, and assisting with school and group bookings.

He is a member the club can count on to volunteer his time.


The Award of Merit was established to recognize continuing volunteerism by individuals and their contribution to their club over a number of years.

Clubs are asked to submit their nominations for this award by December 31st of each year.

From the nominations received, the Executive of Bowls Saskatchewan selects up to 3 members for recognition in any given year. Subsequent submissions of individuals who have not been selected in any given year may be resubmitted again. Recipients of this award are only recognized once.

Recognition from Bowls Saskatchewan is in the form of a team jacket given to the club president to be presented to the recipient at a time of the club’s choosing.