Award of Merit Recipients for 2012

Gerald Bocking – nominated by the Regina Lawn Bowling Club
Marion Piller – nominated by the Nutana Lawn Bowling Club
John Storey – nominated by the Mayfair Lawn Bowling Club nomination information

Gerald Bocking

I nominate Gerald Bocking for the Award of Merit for having demonstrated outstanding dedication and contributions to the Regina Lawn Bowling Club as described below.

Gerald was one of our grass cutters this year and has been volunteering to do this for a number of years.

Our grass cutters work in teams of three and each team cuts the grass every three weeks. The Regina Lawn Bowling Club has a big yard so this takes the team about two hours to do each week.

Gerald also volunteers to weed and rake the ditches on the four greens. He does this on a regular basis to help keep them tidy.

Gerald assisted me with putting on the new rink markers on all four greens. It took us about four hours to do each green. In addition, Gerald spent a lot of his time cutting the metal into the required sizes that we could use. Gerald volunteered for this because he knew I needed help and he could help with this.

To prepare for the Canadian Senior Triples championship, the Regina Lawn Bowling Club did some painting tasks on the clubhouse, inside and outside, and also the outdoor benches. Gerald was one of the few members who offered to help with this task.

Gerald also volunteered to help with our tree banding. He has helped band the elm trees each spring for the last four years and he also did all the removal of the bands this year in late June. We band 51 trees each year so this required a lot of effort to do it and remove it.

If the club needs to do extra yard clean up tasks, Gerald is always one of the individuals who volunteers to do this. He did this again this year as we were preparing our grounds for the Canadian Senior Triples championship in early September.

Gerald also volunteered this year to help with setting up the greens for the Tri-Province Challenge and the Canadian Senior Triples championship. He also helped with the clean-up tasks associated with the Senior’s event. This is a task that the competitors take for granted but one that Gerald is always willing to help out with.

Gerald also volunteers to do any number of other tasks around the club that need to be done. This includes moving furniture, benches, setting up things, etc. Gerald is a member we can count on to volunteer his time for the club.

For all the above reasons, I believe Gerald is a worthy and deserving candidate for the Award of Merit.

He does so many things for the club, many of them without being asked, and deserves to be recognized for his efforts.

Doug Normand
President – Regina Lawn Bowling Club

John Storey

The members of the Mayfair Lawn Bowling Club would like to nominate John Storey as the Volunteer of the Year – 2012-2013.

John has been a member of Mayfair for over 20 years. John is “hearing impaired”, but he still comes to meetings with or without someone to “sign” or “write notes” with him. He’s always ready to help with the spring cleaning and opening and fall closing. John has taken over the duty of “Setting Up the Greens” for league bowling Tuesday and Thursday evenings and does a fine job. If he is going to be away he lets someone know. John bowls in local tournaments and league bowling. In July, 1997, the executive passed a motion that John’s membership be paid as long as he should bowl. John is a great asset to our club.

Please accept John Storey as our Volunteer of the Year. Thank you.

Members of Mayfair Lawn Bowling Club