Award of Merit Recipients for 2010

Marlene King – nominated by the Regina Lawn Bowling Club
Freda Toffalo – nominated by the Nutana Lawn Bowling Club
Elsie Mowery – nominated by the Mayfair Lawn Bowling Club

Marlene King

Marlene King has been a loyal and dedicated member of the Regina Lawn Bowling Club for over 25 years. She has volunteered in many capacities, particularly catering and providing food for tournaments and special events. In the past year, for example, she arranged for refreshments for new bowlers at Learn to Bowl Day and lunch for the Bowls Saskatchewan Fall Tournament as well as preparing the food and catering it for the TriProvince Challenge banquet and the Canada Day BBQ supper in partnership with her sister.

Marlene is always ready to pitch in and help despite some physical limitations. She volunteers readily to help with the general housekeeping and spring cleaning of the club house. Without being asked, she does things that make a difference but often go unnoticed.

Marlene took on responsibility for club communications with the membership and has built an effective network of email contacts and a group of people to telephone members who prefer a voice contact. She works hard to ensure these contacts are kept up-todate in a timely fashion.

Equally important, she has been deeply committed to making sure that the Club provides school groups with an effective and interesting introduction to the sport, including the etiquette of lawn bowling. Marlene became a certified club coach in 2010 and has assisted with the coaching of new bowlers. She has also contributed to the smooth running of the provincial play downs and has served as a marker for the singles games.

Marlene has volunteered her knowledge of the membership to assist the draw master on Opening Day, Canada Day and the Fall Wind-up. This has been especially valuable to a new draw master. She regularly volunteers for the weekly schedule of duties as a draw master, greens setter and housekeeping as well as providing lunches for the Friday night Jitneys.

She has served ably as a member of the Board of Directors for the past two years and contributed thoughtfully and effectively to the Key Policy Committee in 2009 and the Bylaws Review Committee in 2010.

Marlene is always willing to help out no matter what the task. She is totally dedicated to the success of the Regina Lawn Bowling Club and gives more than 100 percent effort.

Marlene King is a valuable contributor to the Lawn Bowling community and highly deserving of recognition for the 2010 Award of Merit.

Submitted by:
Basil Pogue, President
Regina Lawn Bowling Club
December 23, 2010

Freda Toffalo

Nomination Information

Elsie Mowery

The members of the Mayfair Lawn Bowling Club would like to nominate Elsie Mowery as the Volunteer of the Year – 2010-2011.

Elsie joined the club in 2006 and has been a hard worker and dedicated lawn bowler. Elsie is a Director on the Board and serves as the Kitchen convenor. She is an excellent planner and cook. Elsie bowls in provincial playdowns, tournaments and league bowling. Elsie is always there to help and give support to everyone. She volunteers to coach the highschool students in their program and was in charge of the yard sale this year along with Gord Ferguson.

Please accept Elsie as our Volunteer of the Year. Thank you.

Members of Mayfair Lawn Bowling Club